Monday, October 22, 2012

The Busiest Time of The Year

This has got to be the busiest time of the year don't you think?  It sure is for our family.  It's hectic but I love to see my kids on the football field, helping with cheer practice, boy & girl scout meetings, teaching my ladies bible class on Bad Girls of The Bible, making soup from scratch, trying new recipes, having a fire going and watching this season of Revenge!
I've been spending some time in between all that at my craft table working on things for my new online shop/blog.  I'm loving the candle & jewelry making, two things that are relatively new for me.  I've been collecting vintage victorian compacts so that I can remove the tops and use them in necklaces like this one.

On a different note, if you're coming to my class on December 1st you won't believe my little market area.  I've got all kinds of things packaged up pretty.  I may show some peeks later this week so that if you'd like to call shotgun on anything you can and I'll set it aside for you!