Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Art Journal

I just made this journal which is quite a bit softer than the last one I posted. I used photo mats from an album dated 1847 as the front and back covers as well as dividers inside. I put a few pieces of watercolor paper in each section. This journal is going to be somewhat all encompassing. I plan to use the divided sections for each member of my family, including photos, journaling and drawing. I still have to finish the cover. I've got to gather everyone up this weekend and take a family picture for the cover, probably black and white. Now that it's assembled I can take it with me and work in it when I have time.

I'm really excited, I'm taking a vacation! I haven't been on a vacation since my four year old was 3 weeks old. My Mom and my sister and I are taking a week in July to go to Nashville. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry and stay at the Opryland Hotel. We're also going to tour Graceland and drive to New Orleans. The best part is...wait for it...the kids are staying home!

Speaking of kids...

She's just amazing. There's a story behind those green eyes of Grace's. To me they represent an inside joke between God and I. When I was pregnant with her I would pray before bed that she'd be make it through the delivery, that she'd be healthy, happy and on and on. One night I'd asked for SO much that I jokingly asked if he could throw in some blue eyes too. Well to my surprise months later I had a newborn baby girl with bright blue eyes like blueberries. Of course she wasn't the only blue eyed baby that was ever born to brown eyed parents but everyone was pleasantly surprised. My mind immediately went back to that frivilous request and I realized at that moment the power of prayer. My second revelation came around the time she turned 2 when those blue eyes mysteriously changed to the exact green shade of my mothers, literally overnight. It was as if God was telling me that sometimes he gives us what we ask for for a time and when he's ready to change it to what his will is, he does. I suppose it could have been chance but I think it was God showing me his sense of humor, and showing me who's boss too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Journaling Workshop

This past weekend I attended a journaling workshop taught by Teesha Moore. I have really been looking to advance my journaling techniques and this was a great opportunity to do that. My style heavily leans towards vintage, but I also have a major affinity for funky colorful stuff. This workshop really rejuvenated that side of me.

I started these pages in the workshop but they're not finished yet and I've yet to do any writing. Maybe I'll do that this weekend while we're camping.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

After a great camping weekend we stopped at Whole Foods on our way out of town for a quick breakfast. I spotted these gorgeous Lilacs on our way out. The lady in the floral area was nice enough to pack them on ice for our one hour drive home. I love lilacs, the color and the scent, so it was a real treat to pick them up to have on my table this week.

Every time we camp in Petaluma I find some time to drive into town to shop at a cute two story antique store. I found all these glass czech buttons for $1 each. I had to dump the biggest jar of buttons out on the counter to pick all of these out but it was totally worth it.

Believe it or not I also found some time while the boys were playing to work on my journaling. It's been years since I've been in the habit of it but when I unzipped my pencil case and all my pens, pencils and markers spilled out I found myself wondering why it's been so long.

Enjoy the rest of Mothers Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

"She Said" Memory Tin

I made this mini project this weekend out of a few flea market finds I picked up. I started with an old tin Anise spice container that I gessoed, painted and covered in paper. I added a photo and an old rhinestone shoe buckle as a frame and tied the lid on with the phrase "a good strong will of her own" that I cut from an old childrens book. It's actually quite tiny, the spice container is probably 3x3 1/2.

Inside I made a few simple mini tags of some of the sayings my grandma said often. I like the Somerset challenge, "Memories in Moments". The challenge is to create a project in 20 minutes or less.

My post is short tonight, I've been sick since Saturday. I missed work today which is rare for me. Take your vitamins and stay healthy!!