Monday, June 28, 2010

New Old Bits & Bobs

Have you discovered these new but made to look old bits and bobs, "Industrial Chic"? Oh Mama I'm lovin them! I have a real panache for old bits but I have nothing against a really good reproduction. I just fed the kids artichokes the size of their heads, about another half hour and I can send them packing to their room for quiet TV time. I plan to make a couple more ornaments for my July & August class. Oooh for those of you signed's gonna be a fun one!

Friday my whole family is taking off for a 4 day camping trip. I can't help but think that most of you picture me sitting in a rickety camp chair in the dirt when I say I'm going camping. Definitely not! We get the same site every time and it's so green and pretty. Shade if you want it, sun if you want it. The city, Petaluma, has great antique stores and lots of quaint shops. My Mom and I escape while my kids are at the pool with my Dad or Husband and run into town to shop. I ALWAYS score something great. Because we're leaving on Friday I'm going to stop at the Bella Notte bedding outlet in Novato which is on the way. I've never been. I'm hoping to update my sheets/duvet. Their bedding is just beautiful.

OK, these people are practically begging me to put them to bed now and not in 30 minutes. Ask and ye shall receive :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello There

Let me start out by saying that the photo above means nothing in relation to my post. It's just that I feel like I can't post without a picture so I threw it in here for good measure. Not having any new photos to share has been preventing me from touching base so...problem solved!

I've been busy lately doing two things that I love that I haven't done regularly for years - reading and cooking. I have also been working on some projects but they're all in various stages of incompletion {if that's a word}. I'm expecting my contributor copy of Somerset Life any day now. I have an article and project in it that my BFF has seen already and she said they did a wonderful job of photographing it. I'm also excited to be in Artful Blogging in August. They're two of my favorites. If you haven't ever submitted a project to one of the publications you enjoy I encourage you to do it. It's a great experience, I just love it.

I posted the date for my October home studio workshop and I'd love to do some Halloween inspired projects but so far I don't have anything specific in mind. If you have a request or idea please feel free to email me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

July/August Project Peek

I'm still stitching away on the mini tree skirt we'll be making in the July & August class. Here's a little peek for those of you who have been asking. I'll post more soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paper Doll Parade

I don't get a chance to make paper dolls very often and I forget how fun they are to play with! Last Saturday we made a bunch, here are a few that I made. Some of the girls came up with extra cute ideas like adding the cat {she had a dog} on a leash {Laura} and putting the birdcage lady in a wagon {Cindi}. Love, love, love the way they turned out.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Last of Sunday's Finds

The lady I bought this little lavender tin from had reservations about parting with it. I can understand why, the color is pretty and worn.

When I spied this scrap of crushed velvet in it's luscious raspberry color my heart sang...{ok that's a bit dramatic but I was really happy :}

This old palette was worth the couple of dollars I paid for it.

Now this was a great find. This metal box is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it's nice and heavy.

I've wanted one of these old shoe forms for ages but I always see big man size ones. Finally I ran across a tiny child size one and they only wanted $5 for it.

Check back later for some pictures of the paper dolls we made last Saturday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Would You Put In Here?

Have you ever seen such a small odd shaped purse? It's about an inch wide and about 3 1/2 inches long. I picked this up for $3 on Sunday. What do you think it would have held?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It Was Just What I Was Looking For...

I know! I'm posting everyday, "what, what, what..." I was hoping to find an old metal doll bed at the flea market and I found the perfect one on the last aisle. The only problem was that by that time I was $4 short of the asking price. I couldn't offer the lady $13 for what was in her mind, a $17 item. That's when my trusty friend Val, also known as Chloe when she sings karaoke, {what up Clo if you're readin} busted out her checkbook. Saved me and the doll bed. I plan to have a tiny piece of foam cut for a mattress and then I'm going to sew a small coverlet for the top. Aren't those tiny wooden casters cute? Another great display piece for the studio and trunk shows. A-dorable.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I LOVE dirty velvet

Here is another great flea market find from Sunday's trip. It's a big wooden box, probably 11x14 and the interior is...wait for it...dirty velvet! My fav! The faded turquoise color is positively scrumptious. Love the Godey picture on the inside top cover too. This will be a great display prop for some of my goods at Tinsel & Treasures in September.

More tomorrow!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flea Market Review #30

I found so many wonderful things at yesterdays flea market. Instead of showing you everything in this post I thought I'd share a couple of items a day, all week long.

This was my absolute favorite find of the day. It's an old sewing basket. The colors of the floral waffle weave pattern are both soft and colorful at the same time and I love that about it.

Look at this pink and red {love it} flower...

And purple too...

It was full of old sewing notions however to get the price down I asked if I could buy just the sewing basket and the seller agreed. It was definitely used and loved by at least one person, perhaps more. Just looking at it makes me happy!

P.S. I just posted the cover of the latest Stampington publication that I'll be in to the left of the screen. On the cover it says, "Planning in Style", I'm pretty sure that's my project...yeah!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Cindi! And since I'll be seeing you on Saturday at class I'll have your book and glitter on the table for you. Thanks to all who left comments.

Today I was back to work after 5 days of being off. I was finally able to relax! I really love camping but with my husband staying behind this time it was a lot more work for me. My parents and sisters and other family helped a bunch so that I could stitch a little and finish the latest book I've been reading. I just realized that I never posted pictures of the completed sampler that I'll be teaching on Saturday. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow night.

Thanks again to all of you and congratulations Cindi! Can't wait to see you and your Mom.