Monday, December 29, 2008

Resolutions for the New Year

For the first time in years I have some New Years resolutions. Not just a few, 14! Some are more difficult than others but I truly plan to accomplish them all in 2009. I'm a real box checker so I'm anxious to get started. I can check #3 off my list, get Gracie in her own bed. Last night was the first night and she was really afraid. I sat on the floor by her bed and held her hand for 40 minutes until her eyes finally fluttered closed. Tonight was Daddy's night and it only took 30 minutes with a lot less fussing. It's bittersweet, I wanted my bed back after 8 years of having kids in with us but I realized last night as I faced Roy that she's probably my last one. I guess we'll see, I'm famous for changing my mind.


valarty said...

Count me in for the 52 weeks of art!

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