Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Project & A Dodge Ball Game

I spent a lot of time on this small personal project this week. It started out as an old doll dresser that was missing the drawers. I bought it at the Goodwill bins in Portland, a place they send any junk that isn't suitable for resale at the store. I turned it on it's side and sanded it down and created this little keepsake for myself using pictures of my grandma and grandpa. There are a few things tucked into the compartments that symbolize our family and what they meant to me. It's actually quite small, only about 4x8 inches long.

So on to Dodge Ball...tonight I went to my nephew Richard's Dodge Ball tournament at his high school, formerly my high school 20 years ago when I was is age. It was so exciting! The spirit and the youth surrounding me was a sight to behold. I sat there enjoying the game, cheering when he pegged somebody's feet and they were throw out - and then it hit Dodge Ball game days are over. I mean, I never played the game after elementary school but as a tear snuck out the corner of my right eye I realized that I spent way too much of my high school years NOT enjoying high school. I worked at a Doctors office all through school, I had a boyfriend that had already graduated, basically I rushed myself into adulthood without realizing it. I was sad that I never took the time to be silly. To wear cute little shorts and indulge in a quirky and fun "sport" like the kids tonight. You can only look forward in life and you should regret little. If you're biggest regret is that you weren't the Dodge Ball hottie of your high school I guess you're doing ok :)

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Jennifer Priest said...

Oh my goodness that is such a cool piece you made! WOW!