Saturday, August 8, 2009

Surprise #1 - A New Studio & Classroom

I'm so excited that I finally made the decision to move all of this.... my new studio & classroom.

Ever since we remodeled and added on a large family room our old one has sat empty. Today we pulled out the bookcases (the wall behind them was painted a plum color that you see in the pic), the crown moulding and baseboard was redone and we're ready to prime and paint. There will be two more dressers (for storage) and two more cubes on either side of the one that's been assembled. I'll be getting a long industrial metal top table (yeah metal!) to work at AND teach workshops at my home.

I plan to host one class a month for 10 people. I'm really looking forward to this because I've missed my ladies from My Daughters Wish and I'm hoping to see some of you soon. I will post again when the studio is set up and ready for visitors!

Pop back in later this week for Surprise #2. I'll give you a hint: It has a little something to do with Surprise #1 AND, don't be sad if you can't get out of town to attend one of the art retreats going on around the country...there may be something happening closer than you think :)


Cindi said...

Oh I am so excited about the surprise. Whatever it is I know it's going to be great. Just hope I am in town when it happens. Everything seems to be happening when I will be on my trip. So sad.

Carole said...

I can't wait to see your finished studio. I'm looking forward to hearing about surprise #2!

Anonymous said...

Please post pic when it's all done so we can see!

lana said...

your new studio is coming along beautifully. i can't wait to join you there.

you are a treasure..can't wait for the tea w/ you and julee, too


Anonymous said...

Kristen, Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for organizational tips. The view outside your window reminds me of home... wish I had it!!!