Friday, October 9, 2009

Flea Market Review

As promised I'm back to share some pictures of last Sunday's flea market finds. I bought several small things, a slipcovered lamp shade and an old feed sack to make an apron out of. I'll post pics of those things another day. This colander is HUGE. I thought it would be perfect on my table to throw bits of this and that in. Right now I loaded it up with some mini pumpkins I picked up this week. I need a few more.

I'm taking the kids to a harvest festival tomorrow at a local farm, I'm sure they'll have a bunch there. I love this mini aqua file cabinet. It's pretty tiny. I got it for a great price, just $20.00.

This was also another good buy for $25.00, it's an old metal chest of trays for old car parts. I need to scrub it and line the drawers with some old wall paper. It will be great for paint brushes, water color tubes and charcoal pencils.

I've taken a long break from my studio but I plan to roll up my sleeves this week and begin working on a few projects I've been thinking about lately. I've really been wanting to create some meaningful pieces. Maybe something inspired by scripture.

I'll be back to share more later.

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