Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mannequin Update & Recipe

Yesterday I had a home studio class and one of our projects was converting a 17" paper mache mannequin into a dress form of sewing notions. Each person chose to make theirs a different color (mine is pictured, a buttery yellow) and some added special notions that they'd brought with them.

The simple aprons were layered and then sewn...

A close up of part of the necklace...

Our second project was a small shadow box of notions. My friend Carole had requested at the last class that we continue the notions theme using canvas. Again, each one was completely different in color and placement.

Yesterday I served an oriental chicken salad that I've been making for years. It's one of my favorites. Everyone wanted a copy and I thought you might as well so here it is:

Oriental Chicken Salad

4 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed
1 large head of lettuce
1 jar of sesame seeds
1 pkg of slivered almonds
1/4 c of cilantro


4T sugar
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1/2 c oil (I use vegetable)
2T toasted sesame seed oil
6T red wine vinegar

Toast sesame seeds and almonds and set aside. Make up dressing and shake well. Add chicken, cilantro, almonds and sesame seeds to lettuce and add dressing.

My next home studio class will be in June. In the last couple of classes I've had people signing up for the next one before they leave class so for the June class I only have two spaces left. Email me if you're interested. The girls from yesterday requested a paper doll class using the new Mannequin Cafe stamps. I already have an idea for that project and for now I'll just say that it will be a multi-functional project :)


T's Daily Treasures said...

All your creations are always fabulous! Have a great day! :) Tammy

Anonymous said...

I think I will try the Chicken salad for Gigis Tea party. And I love lil Mannequin. I like the necklace with all the stuff hanging about them. REALLY CREATIVE. I DO NOT KNOW WHERE ARE HOW YOU FIND THE TIME TO COME UP WITH THIS STUFF.

XOXO Biren's Boo

connie said...

I love the shadow box with notions - very cute.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Super said...

Um...I don't know what the comment above is about. I'm totally stumped, lol!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Lisa I am totally stumped.

Pushing their diet product on your Blog honey!

xoxo Biren's Boo

Carole said...

Thanks for a fabulous day and beautiful projects. I can't wait until the next class. Enjoy the weekend!

Little Artsy Things said...

Hi...I think your mannequin is really pretty and creative...♥