Wednesday, May 19, 2010

North Carolina Was Wonderful

I'm back and caught up enough to post about my trip to North Carolina for Inspired last week. I taught two classes and I have to say, both classes had some really wonderful attendees. Everyone was really sweet and loved their project. Between my classes I got a chance to help in Pam Garrison's art journal class. Pam is so talented, her journals are nothing short of gorgeous.

My Mom and I had a great time wondering around NC and checking out the antique malls and little shops. My Mom is hilarious, you can't help but have fun with her. It was the first time I've taught a class with her there.

There was a vendor faire and I picked up this rickety {and I mean rickety} old suitcase with faded dark purple velvet interior. I love, love, love it. Always one to want something that's not for sale, I asked and found out that it was not just a display, it was in fact mine for the taking. I was really pleased to get it and tonight I cleaned it up a bit. I've made some jewelry in the past couple of weeks that I'll be selling at my workshops and this will make a nice display for it.

Anyone have any ideas about what it might have been used for? The back right corner has a metal grate that looks like maybe slides were placed there. There was old tape that I peeled off right above it that had the symbol for a female. What do you think?


Cindi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad to hear it. Love the suitcase. Looks like a great display piece for your prized vintage jewelry.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you and Cindi. Would make a nice place to display some pcs. You know I think sparkle and velvet always go good together. Cant wait to see what ur pcs look like. I know it's gonna be great.

xoxo Biren's Boo

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lisa,

That case is awesome. It looks like it might have been an eyeglass salesmans case with all the little spots for different magnifications of lenses. Either that or maybe a case for a science telescope..........hmmmm, really a neat thing to think about. Let us know if you find out.