Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adorable {& Handy} Child's Chair

I found this old child's chair a few weeks ago at a great store in Berkeley called Home 101. I walked straight over to it when I saw it and took it right to the register. You know your smitten when you have no idea how much something is but it doesn't really matter because you want it. In a matter of seconds my mind saw it in my studio holding all of my "on deck" supplies that I want to use next or a few of my favorites of the moment. I've begun sewing some of my favorite buttons to tags so that I can find them easily and, well, admire them too. I DIG these old metal clips from the flea...

More than anything in my studio this old paper mache box has been the object of the question, "is this for sale?". Fraid not, I adore it :)

I couldn't resist clipping an old picture of my Grandpa that I printed out recently from the scanned in version. After he died my cousin Polly and I spent the night with our great Aunt Ada {his oldest sister}. We didn't know her that well and as teenagers we felt it was a bit of a sacrifice on our parts to stay over and sleep in a house we weren't familiar with. It wasn't however without it's rewards. She gave me this photo and one of my Grandpa standing in a wheat field. I've kept them filed safely away all these years.

And here's where things get a bit rough. The pocket that I sewed {at 2am this morning because heaven only knows I couldn't wait until daylight} is for definite, a prototype. I'll be sewing another one, probably with a ruffle but I wouldn't go to bed until I'd seen the pocket tied on.

And the cover of my paper mache box under the chair until I'm ready to pop it back on the box.

Cute and handy!


Cindi said...

love, Love, LOVE!!! Ok so how can we do a project like this at camp? I love little child chairs. I wanted one for the baby room but a wooden one. Didn't get one for a fear of lead paint. Maybe I need to look into getting metal one.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is sweet!!
I love different chairs all around inside and out...
Love the pocket you did...You always seem to have the best fabric!

connie said...

Cute chair and love how you embellished it and adorbable button cards too.

Lisa Super said...

I forgot to mention in my post that the fabric that I used for the pocket on the back of the chair is from a pair of my daughters overalls when she was 9 months. Baby Lulu I think!

Ella said...

I love old chairs, so much character!
I love what you did~

robin dudley-howes said...

Everything is so pretty and inspirational on your blog.