Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pretty Handy

While browsing my local craft store I noticed some plain metal clips in the jewelry department.  I didn't have a plan for them when I put them in my basket but they were inexpensive and I thougth I could add a little something to them.  I've been so busy with football and cheer lately that I haven't had much studio time so when a 1/2 hour opened up a couple of nights ago I took it!  I didn't realize how much small ephemera that I have and I put some of it to use.  I really like how strong the clamps are on these clips.  I suppose I'll use them to keep paper items together, attach a note or thank you to a gift, etc.  If you think of any other great uses let me know!


Cindi said...

So Cute. I especially like the "Dainty" one. Maybe you can make Christmas inspired ones and clip them to your little tinsel tree.

junelle said...

Oh my, I think I would use them to hold things back when I take photos. I am always looking for strong clips that are cute for holding art journals, paint paper, and wild backdrops, too.

Fun blog!

Alba Linea said...

they look sooo great! love them all very much! warm wishes and a happy weekend! di

Denver home security said...

these are really cute...xo