Sunday, December 2, 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes

Yesterday our football season came to an end with Jake's team winning the championship.  This was exciting on so many levels.  Last year, his first year, they lost every game and scored only two touchdowns the entire season.  It was grueling in every way but they kept their heads held high and had fun out there.  This year they were determined to turn that around and show the league what they could do.  They couldn't lose this year and were undefeated.
This season has been somewhat emotional for me in ways that I was not expecting.  He turns 12 in two weeks and the realization that your 2/3 of the way through the parenting of a child is a sobering thought.  I fear the time is going to accelerate fromt this point exactly the way friends and family have told me it will.  
Jake was the captain and quarterback of the team and I quietly took pride yesterday as I was watching him in action realizing that, in so many ways, he was drawing off of things we'd taught and instilled in him.  How to win or lose with grace, be in control of himself, take direction, execute a plan, give others a hand and so many other values and life lessons that he's picked up along the way with us. 

His Dad was clearly proud, so much so that he had him off his feet.

My Dad never missed a game and was often times at the field for a game before us, being on the chain gang anytime he could to ensure the best view possible of the game.

Victory is sweet.  What's not sweet however is the fact that a football just missed my head and hit the glass doors next to me.  How many times do I have to tell these boys that we don't play football in the house???


connie said...

That's very exciting! Congrats to your son for a winning season. My son is now a senior in high school - I can't even imagine him leaving home - it's too sad. Enjoy every day!

Eugenia said...

Woot Woot. Congratulations.

There is something to be said for sticking to it.