Sunday, April 15, 2012

Class Peek

Some of the product I've been waiting on for Creative Camp Out classes is finally here.  Here is a peek of some of the items on my desk that I've been having fun with.  I LOVE the little sequined hearts and the faded wooden tickets.  It's nice to be back in create mode!  Next peek will be extreme paper dolls!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm not sure where to begin I've been gone from my blog for so long!  I've missed "being in touch" here. 

So much as been happening lately.  In a nutshell my boys started baseball and so between practices and games we're at the field every night of the week and Saturday.  I also started a girl scout troop for my daughter because we could not find one that could take her anywhere.  That's been a ton of work but so worth it.  Four other girls have joined us so we're having fun on our Daisy journey!  To be truthful, these are things that my children have not really ever been able to do because up until now I wasn't walking in the door from work until 6pm or so.  Last month I decided to change my 20 year long schedule and I began working 7-4.  I'm busier than I've ever been but the kids are enjoying sports and scouts and for that I'm really happy.

In other news, I'm still counting calories...I've been at it since January 2nd and I've lost almost 30 lbs.  I feel great and I've been sneaking off to Anthropologie every few weeks to treat myself to something new.

I realized that I never shared these embellished tins.  I love the first one.  The words cut out of a book called "Lust For Life" totally crack me up.  The ones below are tinier and so handy for storing small things.     

And last but not least, I have 4 spots left in the class with Colleen Moody.  It's going to be a great class and a big one too!  Please let me know if you'd like to join us.