Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Think It's Time For A Give-A-Way

It's been several months since my last give-a-way so I thought I'd share two small things with one of you. I have one last bottle of pure silver coarse german glass glitter. It's SO sparkly! I'm pairing it with the book that I read on the way to and from North Carolina. It's, "Made In The USA", by one of my favorite authors, Billie Letts. It's actually a new copy, apparently I really do like her books because I bought it in hardcover {which I passed on to a sister} and later bought it in paperback forgetting that I bought it when it came out. Like all of her books, It's a smooth read and I found myself really pulling for the main characters, a young brother and sister. {By the way, I realize these two items have nothing in common but who cares right?}. Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a winner when I return from my camping trip on Monday night. Have a great holiday weekend!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Am I The Only Person Who's Favorite...

color changes all the time? I have switched gears this past week and have been working on a project that is more vibrant than is my norm. My girl turns 4 on the 4th and I'm working on a canvas collage for her as one of her gifts. There must be a likeness in there somewhere because when she saw me working on it the other night she said, "Mom? Is that ME??". These oil pastels are so creamy and wonderful. Once I put the final coat on the canvas {beeswax} I'll post a picture.

On a different note, the company that my husband worked at for the past 9 years closed a month and a half ago. We were prepared for it to take possibly months for him to find another job but the good Lord provided and he started a new job 3 weeks ago. It's been a long time since he's worked the night shift so it's been an adjustment with him sleeping during the evening. I didn't realize how much he kept the kids occupied so that I could work in peace. Now I have 3 assistants, like it or not...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

North Carolina Was Wonderful

I'm back and caught up enough to post about my trip to North Carolina for Inspired last week. I taught two classes and I have to say, both classes had some really wonderful attendees. Everyone was really sweet and loved their project. Between my classes I got a chance to help in Pam Garrison's art journal class. Pam is so talented, her journals are nothing short of gorgeous.

My Mom and I had a great time wondering around NC and checking out the antique malls and little shops. My Mom is hilarious, you can't help but have fun with her. It was the first time I've taught a class with her there.

There was a vendor faire and I picked up this rickety {and I mean rickety} old suitcase with faded dark purple velvet interior. I love, love, love it. Always one to want something that's not for sale, I asked and found out that it was not just a display, it was in fact mine for the taking. I was really pleased to get it and tonight I cleaned it up a bit. I've made some jewelry in the past couple of weeks that I'll be selling at my workshops and this will make a nice display for it.

Anyone have any ideas about what it might have been used for? The back right corner has a metal grate that looks like maybe slides were placed there. There was old tape that I peeled off right above it that had the symbol for a female. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was trying to describe this project I did to my friend Valerie and I did such a bad job I ended up telling her she'd just have to see it in person. As I've said before, I like to participate in some of the Stampington challenges. This project was for their coffee filter call. I ended up making a sewing basket of sorts on a canvas. I found that the coffee filters were so delicate that I had to sew them to watercolor paper for added strength. I sewed three cone shaped filters together to form a 3-D "basket". It bubbles off the canvas more than it looks. I then stuffed it full of sewing notions. OK so it's not my most favorite thing I've ever made....but I was challenged and that was the whole point.

I'm off at 3:30am tomorrow to teach at Inspired in North Carolina. My Mother is going with me so I'm looking forward to a great trip.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

August Workshop Preview

Just a preview of one of the two workshops I'll be teaching in my home studio in August. If you're like me then you know there's no time to make holiday projects during the holidays. That's why we're going to start early!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Less Can Be So Much More

It's funny how small things can make us happy isn't it? I've been on a nice streak in finding old millinery goods lately. Such as the ones above that I found at Tangerines...

and the ones I found at the flea market...

I'm finding that as the years pass and I'm more content with what I have, finding and buying small things like this is a treat.

Even my almost 4 year old daughter Gracelyn can attest to this. Tonight she was over the moon when I brought home the tiniest pair of press-on nails for her. She's been using her hands to talk and "point things out" way more than usual. It's been hilarious to watch her act even more girly, something I didn't realize was possible. Best $2.99 I ever spent.