Friday, August 26, 2011

Luscious, Crinkley, Satiny, Scented Ribbon

I'm in the process of getting ready for Tinsel & Treasures and one of the things I'll have available is that luscious, crinkley, satiny, scented ribbon.  I have colors that I've never offered before and I've listed some in my Etsy shop for those of you that are unable to make it to T&T!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pretty Handy

While browsing my local craft store I noticed some plain metal clips in the jewelry department.  I didn't have a plan for them when I put them in my basket but they were inexpensive and I thougth I could add a little something to them.  I've been so busy with football and cheer lately that I haven't had much studio time so when a 1/2 hour opened up a couple of nights ago I took it!  I didn't realize how much small ephemera that I have and I put some of it to use.  I really like how strong the clamps are on these clips.  I suppose I'll use them to keep paper items together, attach a note or thank you to a gift, etc.  If you think of any other great uses let me know!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Latest & Greatest

With a lack of daylight after sports this week I haven't been able to take any decent photos to use in a post.  I didn't want that to hinder me any further from posting so I just snapped some tonight.   I haven't had a flea market review for awhile so I thought I'd share my latest and greatest.  This old Structo truck is adorable even though the towing mechanism on the back is long gone.  I love the tires.

I also found a great vendor that had a ton of Christmas ornaments out.  I will freely admit it, I'm a fussy vintage ornament girl.  Any old ones won't do.  I hand pick them out with no real criteria.  I just know the ones that I want when I see them.  Was that clear as mud?

I like where this is going...a fun Christmas display for sure this year.

Does anyone else keep Christmas ornaments out all year long {Colleen}?  Since I'm always looking for them I've been storing the ones I've bought so far this year in this glass canister. 

Why is there a doll leg in there?  It's the topper to my table top feather tree.  Turned upside down it's the sweetest accent to a tree.

I couldn't resist this old turquoise metal box.  The handle is really neat and the closure works great.

I will be on the PROWL for more of these tiny metal spools.  Apparently they had solder on them previously.  They are about 2x2 inches.  I could use 100 more of these.

Finally, my favorite latest, an old chipped up doll bed. 

Um.......what kind of crazy already has a doll mattress that fits the bed exactly?  ME!!!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Creative Camp Out In Review

I had meant to post about the Creative Camp Out as soon as we returned last Sunday but I'm just now catching my breath.  The family just left for Football and Cheer practice and the house is empty and quiet! 

The girls are so cute with their ringmaster mustaches that were in their circus book kits for fun.

Below is the always wonderful Laura Himm and the lampshade that she made on day 2.

And below is Cindi, Ruby and Linda observing some journaling ideas for their Smash book...

This giant tree shaded our two tables nicely, which sat right in front of the two lodges the girls stayed in.

I want to thank everyone who went and made my first retreat a success.  It's a definite - we're doing this again next year!