Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love That Somerset Life!

I got my post script email from Stampington this afternoon and I love to take a peek at what the next Somerset Life has in store {it's my fav}.  It promises to be wonderful as always and I was happy to see two peeks at a couple of contributions from yours truly.  The only thing that could make Somerset Life better is if it were a monthly publication {hint hint to the powers that be}. 

I've had more emails inquiring about my whereabouts and I'm still here...just busier than ever.  Like I said in a previous post I've been busy with sports and my new Girl Scout troop and recently I volunteered to teach a ladies bible class on Sunday mornings.  Now you know I'd die before I'd teach anything boring so I chose "Bad Girls of The Bible" and we start this Sunday.  Always the trendsetter I am I tell ya.....:)