Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creative Camp Out Project Peek - Mini Class

In addition to the 4 classes that I'll be teaching this upcoming weekend I'll also be teaching two mini classes.  The class above is 1 of the 2.  I used hanging file folder labels, cutting pieces of paper to size.  After I decorated each one I slid them in and hung them on pretty ribbon.  There is so much that you could do with a bunch of these...decorate your dress form, hang them on baskets in your studio {yes please!}, attach one to a gift or let your little one wear one as a necklace.

I'm so excited about the retreat!  I'll be sure and take a bunch of pics to share next week.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lisa's Secret

Have you been fitted for a bra lately?  I'm apparently, extremely late to this party.  I've been putting it off but today I finally went out and got it done.  Why would I put this off you ask?  Oh I don't know...maybe it was because I knew that my fitting would be done by a 10th grade "specialist" who would gasp at the stretched out and ill fitting bra that is "Lisa's Secret" {just keepin it real here people}. was exactly as I'd suspected and I left with new bras that were a cup bigger as you can see in the photo above.  So I can check that box off my to do list for this week, woo hoo!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creative Camp Out Project Peek - Smash Journal

Until the retreat weekend is here and gone I only want to show some peeks of the projects we'll be making.  This is the outside of my Smash journal that I mentioned a few posts ago.  This is such a great jumping off point for people who are journaling beginners or for those that have journaled for years.  This is the type of class where when I say it's time to finish up to move on to another class I get that big collective sigh that tells me everyone wants to keep working on it.  That's a great feeling for a teacher!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Color of Summer

This past Friday night I was flipping through my current issue of BHG's at the drive-in while we were waiting for it to get dark.  I loved this idea for serving sorbet.  On my way home from work I added a pint to my grocery list and everybody thought it was so fun that we used a lemon peel as a bowl.  And juicing a few lemons gave me lemonade for 1 after everybody goes to bed!

This bright sunshiney bouquet of roses was sent to me by my friend Marilyn for my birthday.  Aren't they beautiful?'s the color of summer for me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Official - I've Hung Up My Skates

Forgive me for what's about to be an emotional post.  It's confirmed - I've hung up my skates.  I've been wanting to take the kids skating for months and we finally scheduled the whole family to go to tonights session.  Now, the last time I was on skates was 2 years ago and I was whipping around the rink, even crossing over {that would be putting one foot over and in front of the other when turning a corner}.  Can I just admit right now how delusional I was to think that I could:

a.} Hold a 5 year olds hand during their first time on skates
b.} Cross over or do anything even close to that
c.} Make more than one lap around the rink

My 5 year old girl did me a huge favor when she started to cry and pulled free to hang on to the wall and get back to her Dad.  It was then that I sadly realized that my legs were completely unbendable from my knees to my ankles.  How I got around once is nothing short of a miracle.  In that lap I was scared I was going to fall, hysterically laughing at myself and getting choked up at the fact that something that was once so easy and fun is now something I've become incapable of - all at the same time.  So I did what any other girl turning 38 on Saturday would do...I pulled my skates off and told my husband, "Who wants to skate anyway.  Skatings dumb."  :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Have you seen the Smash line by K&Company?  I love it!  It's new and hard to find so if you see it ya better pick some of it up.  One of our Creative Camp Out classes will be a journal in the pink, or vintage style book.  The pages are adorable!  See the pen?  It's a pen on one end and a glue stick on the other.  So clever. 

And check out some of these fun extra's including pockets, journaling cards, etc..  I started my sample this afternoon after the flea market and I love how it's coming along.  I'll post a progress peek later in the week. 

Enjoy your July 4th holiday tomorrow!