Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Random Ramble

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a black wire dress form with a tag dress. I had used all kinds of different paper. The last two days I've been busy making tags for a Prima project I'm doing. I'm using the same dress form only it will be painted cream, distressed, and I'll be using all of these tags that I made using all Prima papers. I also used stamps by Character Constructions. Here's another shot.

Today I was out and about and saw this gigantic ring. I had to have it. I paid the $6.00 to the teenager at the register, ripped off the price tag and put it right on.

I met up with my husband later and he noticed it immediately saying, "what's with the ring?", lol.

Last night we went out to dinner with my sister. Afterwards we dropped her off at my Mom's and my older son wanted to spend the night. It was my daughters turn to stay so she ended up letting them both stay. That meant my middle child who will be 4 in a couple of weeks was coming home with my husband and I. It's rare when we only have one of the three and it was enjoyable for so many reasons. He relished being with us all by himself. I worked on my tags while he and Dad went to see the 10pm showing of Race to Witch Mountain. We didn't know if he'd sit through it all but as it turns out he was a riveted popcorn eating angel. When it was time to go to bed we let him sleep between us. Once settled in I felt his little arm curl around my neck and he whispered, "you're such a beautiful girl". It was so adorable, I'll remember that forever.

This afternoon I decided I wanted to make a beef stew for dinner. I didn't have a recipe so I was trying to remember what all I've put in a stew in the past. I totally winged it and if I do say so myself it was my best ever! Last minute I decided to throw in a large chopped up sweet potato and a packet of Knorr vegetable soup mix. It put a really great spin on it.

I'm really excited, tomorrow I'm taking a jewelry making class with Lisa Guerin at Tangerines with my friend Valerie. I can't wait to meet her, I've heard wonderful things about her.

Well this is probably my longest post to date! Have a great week.


Erin Glee said...

Your tags are SO BEAUTIFUL! I want to look at each one IRL!
That was adorable what your son said to you!

Anonymous said...

Your tags are so inspiring! And that ring is super cute.

And the words your son said brought a smile to my precious!