Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vintage Metal Perm Rod Book

I knew when I saw a bunch of vintage metal perm rods that I would think of a use for them. I made a mini beauty book and tied it to the perm rod. It's not finished but I took a picture of it anyway. It's going to be one of three mini projects. I'll post pictures of the other two when I finish them.

I had an overwhelming urge to simplify my blog and pare it back to just things that I really want on it. Loading it up because of the infinite space is very tempting but I wanted a cleaner more uniform look right now. I'm not done yet, it needs some resizing and I might retake the picture because there's a glare on the glass in the photo. It's times like this when I ask myself, isn't it good enough? Can't you just be ok with it? With as many things as there are to do in a days time you'd think so but...

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