Monday, September 7, 2009

Tag Art Miscellaneous

I'm back from a wonderful extra long weekend of camping. Usually it's my family of five and my parents but this time my sister and her new boyfriend and my oldest nephew joined us. My other sister and nephew came up for the day on Saturday and my Uncle from Arkansas came into town early and met up with us at the campsite. We had so much fun and great eats too. After everyone was bedded down Friday night a few of us went into town to karaoke. It was the crowd you always hope for, you know, where nobody's very good! Of course my sister Carolyn {fabulous singer that she is} put on a great show.

The night before we left I had a stamp party for 1 on my kitchen floor. I must have stamped 60 tags. I worked on them here and there while naps and pool time were happening.

The timing couldn't have been better, about an hour after we got home the delivery service called and said they'd be by within the hour to drop off my new art table. In an older post I mentioned that I had special ordered a new table from Big Daddy Antiques so I could spread out and teach some workshops too. I'm SO HAPPY with it!! It can easily fit 8-10 people comfortably. I will be posting my first class soon so check back on that.

I visited two of my favorite shops in Petaluma while we were camping. I picked up this gorgeous old dusty purple millinery flower from Summer Cottage Antiques that I've wanted the last couple of times I was there...

And I picked up this pretty multicolored yarn {you could say thread too, it's really thin} at Knitterly. I swapped out the regular twine like thread on my tags above with it and it's really pretty against the coffee stained paper.

I received my order from Sublime Stitching in the mail while I was gone. They have a really fun assortment of iron on stitch patterns. I thought these were adorable.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend. Have a great short week!


valarty said...

Looks like you found the spool stamp or did you buy another one?

cpretti said...

So the table looks a lil small in the picture. But I am sure its large and in charge. Cant wait to see what you do once you tie it all together. So heres my issue. I want to invite my neighbor to come to your class, but I dont talk to my neighbor. We have this thing every year during xmas time. We battle over xmas decorations. She never holds back. I call her Martha Stewart. Every holiday that comes she decorates. She is always making, building, crafting seems like something she would enjoy. Should say Hey neighbor whom I never speak to want to come to a class with me.