Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project Peeks

It's been longer than usual since my last post. I've been busy working away and it's fun to get back into the groove of things. As I've said before, canvas work is my favorite. I have had some 4x12 canvases that I've been wanting to work with. I'm really happy with the way this project turned out. This is not a class, I have other plans for this piece.

Here is a peek of one of the two projects I'll be teaching in my home studio on October 17th. I've barely gotten started on it but I can tell you it is 5x7 in size and it will not be your typical halloween album. I will have sign up info on my site very soon along with peeks of the second project we'll be doing that day. We'll have lunch in between classes so if you're free save the date, it will be a nice day out for you!

I'll be back soon to share more.

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cpretti said...

Notice the new picture. I love when your hair is banging and hanging real long. The canvas art is crazy cool too. So I am waiting to see the completed Studio.....I cant wait......

Birens Boo