Monday, November 23, 2009

Goals - Pen to Paper

Today I blew into work and as is my custom on a Monday morning, I made a list first thing. A list of everything I need and want to accomplish for the week. I have always done this. Being an ultra organized person I love to check things off my list and consider them done. After I'm done making my work list I immediately move on to my personal list for the week. What I know is this - whatever makes the list is as good as done. It got me thinking, if I want to accomplish my goals next year I need to commit them to pen and paper. I have all kinds of personal, family and artistic goals swirling around in my head but they need grounding.

Tonight I lined up a babysitter for tomorrow night. Mr. Sweet and I are going to go out for dinner and write out our goals for 2010. I will pen my personal and artistic goals on my own but I want him to be in on what I hope and plan for our family in the upcoming year. I also want to know what he feels should make the list.

I'll be back to share these goals in the hopes that some of them may be inspiring to you too.

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