Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sharing Has It's Rewards

I work with a wonderful lady named Laura. She has a boy and a girl that are just about 1 year younger than each of my younger boy and girl. I have been happy to pass along clothing that they've outgrown to their family. Last week Laura came to me and said that she had read on my blog that I loved old buttons. She went on to say that she had an old tin full of them that she would find and bring in to me. I was off for the holidays a bit early in the week and my sister who also works with me dropped a tin off to me saying, "Laura hopes you can do something with these". I was thrilled with the age, variety... I could go on and on. It was so nice of her to pass this old tin on to me, I appreciated it more than she probably realized. It just proved to me once again that when you share what you have, others respond in kind. I love the way that works.


T's Daily Treasures said...

How wonderful! The tin is equally as fabulous as the variety of buttons. There is definitely something to be said for karma. Blessings to you and yours, :) Tammy

valerie said...

I enjoyed looking through them at your workshop Saturday. I will treasure the beautiful few I sewed to my apron. Especially knowing that they came from Laura's grandmother's vintage button tin. I loved how some of them still had bits of fabric left on,little bits of long ago memories I am sure.