Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspiration Board

This was an extraordinarily busy week for me so I never quite made it to my table to work on new projects but I did take some time to pin up a bunch of my favorite items on my inspiration board. These are things I've made, things I've made in classes, gifts from friends and bits of ephemera that I love.

I'm always on the lookout for pretty storage. I found these great boxes at Home Goods. I also found the little metal basket that was perfect for spools of thread. When I bought it it was a mustard yellow but I brought it home and shot it down with my favorite hammered metal spray paint.

My son just came in with two big bags of lemons from the neighbor. The littles are napping so we're going to make some lemonade. My neighbor always laughs when I tell her she's got the best lemons in town, lol. She's got a lemon tree next to an orange tree and we think they've grafted. I've lost quite a bit of tooth enamel to that tree.

I have been wanting to make some jewelry lately so I've gathered up all my old pieces and purchased some new. Pieces will be available at my home studio classes. March's home studio class is sold out by the way, thank you ladies!

Enjoy today.


connie said...

I love the inspiration board - great place to visually catch a glimse of something inspiring. Hope you post some of your jewerly pieces - I'm a big fan of jewerly. Congrats on a sold out March - I guess I have to wait for April! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Home goods has the best stuff. esp that mirrored table that you gave me. I love love love love it. Thanks again. You know when that that board came in, I could not see the vision but once you added your do dads, and finshing touches its cool wit a capital C .

xoxo Biren's Boo

Anonymous said...

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