Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Great Find

Sometimes there's nothing like the real deal but other times a good reproduction is just dandy. I found this french bathing rack in my current Pottery Barn catalog for just $60. It comes with a hook that it hangs from because it doesn't sit flush against the wall. I thought it would be perfect for over my bathtub in my master. Like it?

I always enjoyed the cold weather {cold for us in CA is when it drops below 50 degrees} but this year summer can't get here soon enough for me. As soon as the rain passes and it gets just a tiny bit warmer we're off to go camping. I love to sit by the campfire, day or night, and watch the kids play, work on some small craft or make meals with my Mom. I'm thinking of renting some cabins this summer, making some menus and inviting some friends to go away for an art weekend get-a-way. It's wonderful to sit at a picnic table with a pretty tablecloth and create with a soft breeze and the smell of a roaring fire. Anybody want in?

I'd better run. My 4 year old just asked me if I'd get his security pillowcase out of the freezer for him. He mentioned a long time ago that he likes it when it's cold. My Mom, accomodating Grandma that she is, decided to keep the one at her house in the freezer for him when he stays over. Of course now it requires me to do the same if I want to keep up. When I give it to him he puts it over his face and laughs hysterically, it's too funny.


connie said...

You find the most unique items at PB - that I don't even know we sell (and I work there). Love it...you're the best customer we could ask for.

Anonymous said...

Count me in, art and shopping in Petaluma, who could resist? Valerie

Anonymous said...

So I like it, but what are u gonna do it wit. Place some bath towels on? Hang ur robe from it, throw some bubble bath and stuff inside of it? Break it down to me once again!

xoxo Biren's Boo

Anonymous said...

Camping & Creating Im IN!! And food always tastes oh so much better outdoors...I would love to do that ! Lets hope we can get that one together....
Love your PB find