Saturday, August 28, 2010

Snowman Picks

I was a bit surprised this week to find that my local craft store is already carrying Christmas stuff. I didn't look too much but I did see these adorable snowman sticks. You can't tell from the picture but their really iridescent and oh so sparkly. They were super cute but as I stood in line I realized that their noses bugged me. They looked like a 1 inch long spaghetti noodle. Of course it takes a lot more than that to deter me so I just bought them anyway, took them home and cut their noses down and then painted them a metallic orange. Way better!


Cassie said...

Those are so darling Lisa, let us know what you end up doing with them.
Take care,

Elle said...

Hey, I know this is really weird but my name is Lisa Super too! I just wanted to let you know that your art is so adorable, I wish that I was given creative genes!

Patti said...

These are so cute - would you mind telling me - did you get them at Michaels, or JoAnn's? I have those stores near me and I would like to find some. Thank you! I'm off to look around some more!!!