Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodbye Flip Flops...

Recently at work we all agreed that we needed to change our dress code from casual to business casual. We had too many people sporting track suits which was a bit too casual {you know who you are...Biren's Boo!} This change didn't impact me much however I can no longer wear flip flops 365 days a year :( So Sunday I went shoe shopping for an alternative. I didn't find anything flip-floppy but not an actual flip flop if you know what I mean but I did find these great sneakers. They're really comfortable too. I never wear sneakers so it's a great first pair I thought.

I also saw these, they're a deep ruby with hot pink stitching. I own nothing at all that goes with them but I would not be deterred. I'm sure I can find something fallish to go with them.

So a couple of hours and some $$ later and I still don't have a proper flip flop replacement. The biggest problem is that I only wear cropped pants so my choices are somewhat limited {I know...there's some weirdness that surrounds me}. Maybe ballerina flats? I don't know but I have to figure it out this weekend because I've been wearing skirts and heels this week! Ew!


Maryl said...

I love the sneakers! I bet they look adorable on you!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lisa,

Both of those pairs of shoes are cute and I personally think they could go with cropped style pants, or capri's. equally well. I'm not a fashionista myself, mostly because I'm huge and clothes aren't stylish for us huge people, but I've got two daughters (one is 22 and one is 14) and they both think I pick out awesome things for them to try on. They think I really have an eye for fashion....who knew?


valerie said...

I do have some purple pants available for loan...

Anonymous said...

I bought the same sneakers only in pink!!! :)
And I think I have the 2nd pair you purchased already buried in my closet

Laura :)