Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Wonderful Show

I didn't want to end the day without posting a few pictures of my display at Tinsel & Treasures. It was a great experience, I enjoyed myself so much. Imagine getting an opportunity to see so many wonderful ladies that have attended past and present classes all in one day!

I was feeling like I hadn't made very much to take with me but when I set my table up I realized it barely all fit. This was my first time selling anything that I'd made and I was wistful to see a few pieces go but that's what it was all about!

I think my favorite part of my display was my doll bed. Friday night my Mom came over and said my mattress needed a cover. She went rooting through my fabric drawer and 15 minutes later it had a duvet with a built in pillow. Gotta love your Momma!

A big thanks goes out to Iva for inviting me to join the show this year. It was a first for me and SO worth going to bed with glue and/or paint or both on my hands for the last month!

Thanks to all of you that know me, and those of you who met me today, for stopping by to say hello and support me. I drove home thinking about how many friends I've made through the years and how much every relationship big or small means to me.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I bought at the show today! SO great!


connie said...

Hi Lisa, your table looked great! I wish I could have been there...but I was taking my daughter to meet her favorite softie artist who was out here from PA. All your items looked great - congrats!

Leticia said...

It was wonderful meeting you today Lisa, can't wait to get started on my mini-sampler. So much inspiration! Hoping to join you at one of your workshops.

Maryl said...

Lisa, your table display looks fantastic. I love your altered art! I'm sorry I missed T & T, but had lots of unexpected expenses this month, so I had to refrain.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you bought. Your table looked darling. I am so bummed I miss T&T this year. CJ had a soccer game. See you next weekend!