Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Fruits...or Fruit Really

Today my son came running in the house with this itty bitty meyer lemon for me. It's the first fruit off the tree we planted last year. You can tell by the picture that it's really small, did we buy a dwarf tree by mistake? Doesn't matter, I'm still really excited that it's begun to bear fruit.

This is turning out to be a really short post - my 4 year old just rolled up on me with bright blue eye shadow on. I haven't worn blue eye shadow for ions so it tells me she's really been going through my stuff...

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crystal said...

I read your article about having a friend that you shared boxes with; yours a jewelry box and a handmade box you gave to a friend.
Most of my friends do not like what I like or do except one, who I guess maybe I could turn her onto this type of stuff if I did it for her and showed her how more or less.
Thanks for sharing.