Thursday, February 10, 2011

SO Good & Easy

I was surprised to find at one of my classes recently that most people cook their lasagna noodles before baking it. This isn't how I was taught to do it {and thank goodness because that extra bit of work might have been a deal breaker for me}.

My ex-husband once declared at the table that he'd crawl a mile through broken glass for my lasagna to which my Grandma replied, "that's a lie." Yeah, no love loss there...but that's another post. Anywho...I thought I would share my short cuts for the perfect lasagna.

I saute a whole onion in a tiny bit of butter. We love onion in my family, even the kids. If this is too much for you maybe do half. The onions are super sweet when done so no strong flavors here.

Once that's done I brown my hamburger {I never use sausage, it just makes it taste like a different dish to me} and add the onions, a jar {oh yes, I said a jar} and 2 heaping tablespoons of sugar. Once that's done I begin layering.

The layers consist of noodles, the meat/sauce mixture, cheese and ricotta with cheese being the final layer. Once that is done I fill the sauce jar up about 3/4 of the way and I pour the water around the perimeter of the lasagna and a splash on top. One of the biggest keys is to put the foil on really tight.

I think this is way less work don't you? Does anybody else do it this way?


jsantini2 said...

I cook my noodles first (just always have); but, apparently, they have 2 different kinds of lasagna noodles, one that you don't pre-cook. Your recipe looks delish & now I'm hungry for it!

Cindi T said...

Wow I can't believe we have been doing it the hard way all these years. Cooking the damn noodles is the reason why I don't make it. Do you have a favorite sauce you use? And how long do you leave it in the oven?

Lisa Super said...

To answer the adorable Cindi T's question: I use whatever sauce we picked up at the store and I bake the lasagna for 1 hour.