Monday, July 11, 2011

The Color of Summer

This past Friday night I was flipping through my current issue of BHG's at the drive-in while we were waiting for it to get dark.  I loved this idea for serving sorbet.  On my way home from work I added a pint to my grocery list and everybody thought it was so fun that we used a lemon peel as a bowl.  And juicing a few lemons gave me lemonade for 1 after everybody goes to bed!

This bright sunshiney bouquet of roses was sent to me by my friend Marilyn for my birthday.  Aren't they beautiful?'s the color of summer for me.

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Patricia said...

Happy Birthday! I've seen that idea as an actual product that Costco carried for awhile. The sorbets came in lemon boats, as well as a half a cleaned (smooth) coconut shell. Seems like there was an orange shell as well as a small pineapple shell. The coconut was my favorite.