Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Official - I've Hung Up My Skates

Forgive me for what's about to be an emotional post.  It's confirmed - I've hung up my skates.  I've been wanting to take the kids skating for months and we finally scheduled the whole family to go to tonights session.  Now, the last time I was on skates was 2 years ago and I was whipping around the rink, even crossing over {that would be putting one foot over and in front of the other when turning a corner}.  Can I just admit right now how delusional I was to think that I could:

a.} Hold a 5 year olds hand during their first time on skates
b.} Cross over or do anything even close to that
c.} Make more than one lap around the rink

My 5 year old girl did me a huge favor when she started to cry and pulled free to hang on to the wall and get back to her Dad.  It was then that I sadly realized that my legs were completely unbendable from my knees to my ankles.  How I got around once is nothing short of a miracle.  In that lap I was scared I was going to fall, hysterically laughing at myself and getting choked up at the fact that something that was once so easy and fun is now something I've become incapable of - all at the same time.  So I did what any other girl turning 38 on Saturday would do...I pulled my skates off and told my husband, "Who wants to skate anyway.  Skatings dumb."  :)


Cindi said...

Well at least you tried. Maybe you just need to do some stretches before you get out there and rock it. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Cindi said...

Oh and I still love that little skate artwork you created. So cute. We should have a class on doing a bunch of little art pieces like that. I need something small to put up in my hallway.

Anonymous said...

Hey I give you credit for trying!
Is it not amazing the things that were simple and fun now become more challenging? I would bet if you gave it another try you would be doing all the old skate moves!
Lovely post and makes me want to keep trying a cart wheel which I was never really good at...and the good ol somersalt???? That really hurts your head~~~~~ LOL.....
Happiest Birthday Wishes my friend

Laura H

Colleen said...

I'm sure you had skates that were too small for you...or something like that. You are right....who needs to skate anyway...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great "skate free" day!


Niki said...

I so get it! Thanks for such a candid post today. And your little roller skate piece of art is just priceless - love it!

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!

Debra said...

I found you in Somerset Life Magazine. Congrats on being featured. I loved your article and photos.