Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day Photo Opp

This past Wednesday my kids were cured of their boredom, school started yeah!  Is it just us or is the summer break too long?  After a couple of weeks off they were asking weekly how much longer until they were to go back.  In my daughters case I think she just wanted to go shopping for school.  And speaking of school shopping it's confirmed, I need to make an appointment to have my head examined.  I spent $119 on bra and panty sets...for a 6 year old.  What am I going to say, she HAD to have them.  

I know this looks like a tender moment between siblings but I'm pretty sure he pushed her or did the equivalent of the moment he heard the snap of my camera.  Apparently we've hit a wall and it's just not even close to cool to like your younger sister.

Oh right, I have one more child!  The one who is the last out the door everytime we depart the home.  He almost missed his photo opp.  This is the last year that they will all ever attend the same school at the same time.  It's the attack of the Super's.


Eugenia said...

Too cute. Mine love the summer. Squishy schedules no homework. Both in day camp..

cindi said...

They are all so cute. As a kid i do not remember being excited that school started again.

Anonymous said...

So stink-in CUTE!