Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pin Keep Samplers

I've been admiring these pin keeps for awhile now and even purchased a couple this past year.  I love how pleasingly plump they are.  I watched a tutorial on how to make them and then went to my craft table and winged it.  Usually they're made with one fabric on the top and one on the bottom or in some cases four squares sewn together for the top.  I decided to make mine sampler style which is a fancy term I use when I have no plan.

I will have 12 kits for this pin keep at Tinsel & Treasures.  I also plan to teach my method at a future class {remember those? :}

It's a great project to use your scraps and broken bits on.  If it can be secured with a needle and thread you're golden. 

More peeks soon!


hope ellington said...

lisa...i love it!

connie said...

Very cute Lisa!

cindi said...

Thats awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love these!
I miss your classes! Still thinking of a Winter Camp Out??