Sunday, July 6, 2008

Isn't She Beautiful?!

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I went to the Alameda Pointe Flea Market today with my friend Valerie with the task of finding an antique dress form for my art area. I've been wanting one as an inspiration piece. To drape and pin ideas and unfinished projects to. I really wanted one with the caged bottom but didn't expect to find one in my price range. I was thrilled when two rows into the flea I found it!! I was so excited. I also found the old fittings chest of drawers. It was funny because I'd already bought something for odds and ends when I saw this one. I was so disappointed because I LOVED this one. Valerie talked me into going back to the people I bought it from to ask if they'd take it back. She said the worst they could do was say no. As it turns out they were very nice and gave me the money back so I bought the one I really wanted. It was thrilling to pick up both things in one day. I also got an old pocket watch that I'm going to make into a shadowbox necklace. If all goes well I might do a class in the upcoming months. The last photo is of an old Neiman Marcus trunk I got last month. I wanted a huge 5 on it and my name so my Dad added them for me. I slapped on some vintage stickers here and there and it's my new trunk show suitcase. I'm so happy with it. Last night I added about 6 classes to the MDW class calender. Check out my future hoopla!!

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nan said...

ooooh, i love all these things.
it was your lucky day. one of these days soon i am gonna hit the flea market!