Thursday, April 2, 2009

Book, Shoes, Lemons & Camping

Today I finished this book and put it in the mail to Mystic Paper in Arizona...

I'll be teaching there April 18th, I'm so excited. I don't know how warm it will be but I'll be ready with some new shoes if it's sandal weather. I saw both of these this week and thought that it was time for something Springy. It feels like I've been in boots for months.

Lemons. Where do I begin? I've had a lifelong habit of eating lemons with salt. So much so that when I was a kid my Mom had my Dad cut the lemon tree down in the backyard because my sisters and I wouldn't stay out of them. I don't want to say how many I've eaten this week but I will tell you that I pulled two off of a tree that isn't mine today. After my husbands comment that he "likes girls with tooth enamel" I've begun eating them when he's not around. I think that signifies that this is serious. That and the fact that my teeth feel like small pieces of chalk. Yeah, I'm going to have to lay off.

Tomorrow we leave for a weekend camping trip. The kids are really excited and I am too. Seems like the last several weekends have been rainy. I can't wait to catch up on some reading by the campfire.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful book...and super cute shoes!

Hope you have a great camping trip! {and yes...sounds like you need to stay away from the!}

Anonymous said...

love this photo of the 2 of you Lisa..happy camping.


Anonymous said...

You will definitely be putting your sandals to good use in az! It was 88 degrees here today. Look forward to meeting you.