Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spool Mini Project

I missed the Somerset call for memories on a spool but I still wanted to make something because it sounded so fun. I'm going to be teaching a class of 3 mini projects in the next couple of months and I've included this project as one of the 3...

It closes by wrapping a ribbon around the brad that I made with the Chatterbox brad maker.

The photo is one of my grandmother. Her life story is really interesting. She and my grandfather eloped and he was in the service. He lived in the barracks and she had no place to live. Sounds like things weren't entirely thought out. She would pick up old pop bottles in the street and do housework for a woman who gave her a place to stay. Her pay at the end of a week was a dish towel and a head of cabbage. Some of the soldiers would help my Grandfather sneak her in for some "alone time" and keep watch. I guess you could say she suffered for love during that time. Eventually they were able to lead a normal life and they had my Mother and three other children. They helped raise my sisters and I and they brought so much love and fun to our lives, I just can't even begin to tell you.

I'm excited about this weekend which starts early for me because I'm off work tomorrow. I have a fun day planned with a friend, scavenging for vintage finds. Saturday we're going to let the day take us wherever and Sunday is the antique flea market and ZNE show. I'll post pictures later this weekend of anything I find!


Anonymous said...

Lisa this is a lovely, sentimental project and I can see a bunch of these gathered in an antique apothecary jar for easy viewing and grabbing hold of. I hope you put that story about your grandparents somewhere (perhaps inside the spool) about your grandparents love (and family) so that everyone who picks it up will be able to connect with your life. Have a great May Day! Fondly, Roberta

tales from an oc cottage said...

What a treasure!

m ^..^

Carole said...

Love this Lisa!