Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Art Journal

I just made this journal which is quite a bit softer than the last one I posted. I used photo mats from an album dated 1847 as the front and back covers as well as dividers inside. I put a few pieces of watercolor paper in each section. This journal is going to be somewhat all encompassing. I plan to use the divided sections for each member of my family, including photos, journaling and drawing. I still have to finish the cover. I've got to gather everyone up this weekend and take a family picture for the cover, probably black and white. Now that it's assembled I can take it with me and work in it when I have time.

I'm really excited, I'm taking a vacation! I haven't been on a vacation since my four year old was 3 weeks old. My Mom and my sister and I are taking a week in July to go to Nashville. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry and stay at the Opryland Hotel. We're also going to tour Graceland and drive to New Orleans. The best part is...wait for it...the kids are staying home!

Speaking of kids...

She's just amazing. There's a story behind those green eyes of Grace's. To me they represent an inside joke between God and I. When I was pregnant with her I would pray before bed that she'd be make it through the delivery, that she'd be healthy, happy and on and on. One night I'd asked for SO much that I jokingly asked if he could throw in some blue eyes too. Well to my surprise months later I had a newborn baby girl with bright blue eyes like blueberries. Of course she wasn't the only blue eyed baby that was ever born to brown eyed parents but everyone was pleasantly surprised. My mind immediately went back to that frivilous request and I realized at that moment the power of prayer. My second revelation came around the time she turned 2 when those blue eyes mysteriously changed to the exact green shade of my mothers, literally overnight. It was as if God was telling me that sometimes he gives us what we ask for for a time and when he's ready to change it to what his will is, he does. I suppose it could have been chance but I think it was God showing me his sense of humor, and showing me who's boss too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Suz@Shabbi Skraps said...

Lisa, what a darling story about your daughters blue eyes. I took your class at Mystic Paper and I had a question??? Where did you get the wire dress forms??? If you made them could I buy some from you???? I truly loved that project. They would be amazing at wedding showers for people to leave advice or memories on the tags. Suzette~

Anonymous said...

love the direction your book is going...Your daughter's face???
a cherub in a Valentine for sure xo

Lisa Super said...

Hi Suzette,

The dress forms are from TMarco. Stampington has them as well but they are often times sold out.


manila property said...

She's pretty..