Monday, May 4, 2009

"She Said" Memory Tin

I made this mini project this weekend out of a few flea market finds I picked up. I started with an old tin Anise spice container that I gessoed, painted and covered in paper. I added a photo and an old rhinestone shoe buckle as a frame and tied the lid on with the phrase "a good strong will of her own" that I cut from an old childrens book. It's actually quite tiny, the spice container is probably 3x3 1/2.

Inside I made a few simple mini tags of some of the sayings my grandma said often. I like the Somerset challenge, "Memories in Moments". The challenge is to create a project in 20 minutes or less.

My post is short tonight, I've been sick since Saturday. I missed work today which is rare for me. Take your vitamins and stay healthy!!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Hope you feel better soon!