Monday, June 8, 2009


I've had this console in my front living room for about 6 months and it hasn't had anything on it. While cleaning and decluttering I ended up with a bunch of homeless items. I took them all over to the console and arranged them on it. I kind of like how it looks but I'm sure I'll move stuff around some before it's over. I love this piece and it's matching coffee table that I didn't take a picture of. They're sort of French Industrial with the big wheels and this detail...

Several months ago I posted a picture of some huge scissors I found. Today while out shopping on my lunch hour I found their long lost love, a great big button!

Saturday I had two great classes at Green Tangerine in Rocklin. This store is gorgeous and the staff is wonderful. My class takers were so much fun, I definitely want to teach again sometime.

I'll be back later this week to post pics of some projects in progress.

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