Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canvas Sampler

I've come full circle, I'm back to working on canvas. It is my absolute favorite substrate. While we were camping a few weeks ago I had some quiet time at the table and I wrapped dozens of 1 inch canvases. It's a slow and meticulous process but they are the most adorable little pieces to work on. Last week I worked on these nine and I made a sampler out of them on a 4x4 canvas. I love the color combinations. See the teeny card of plum colored floss? I stamped the image and then copied it at 30%. I was just about to glue it to one of the canvases and then I decided it had to have some actual DMC floss on it. My sister was looking at it today and she laughed and said "...oh no you didn't", to which I replied, "...oh yes, I did".

I got a lovely email today from one of the Stampington editors about a project I sent in a few weeks ago. They informed me that It's going to be in one of their 2010 publications. It was really exciting to hear from them and the good news couldn't have come at a better time. I was knee deep in a spreadsheet when I saw the envelope pop up.

I better get moving, my girl turns 3 tomorrow and this house isn't going to clean itself.


Cindi said...

Hi Lisa... I love this! Teaching it anytime soon? Would love to make this.

Lisa Super said...

Yes! I'll be teaching it at Scrapbook Island on June 25th.