Saturday, July 17, 2010

80's Lady

It's already abundantly clear that I love all things vintage but I also cannot resist fun things like this new line, "Dreamland", by Paperchase. When I picked up these stickers {I know, stickers...} my mind snapped back to 1985. I was making myself a bologna sandwhich in my grandma's kitchen watching MTV swiggin a Jolt cola with the summer sun coming through the backdoor. Oh good times I tell ya! Of course I've already laughed at myself thinking, "what can I stick these on?".

One things for sure though, I married the right man. As I type he's on the couch admiring his new 70th anniversary edition Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that he got today. I wonder if we have anything flourescent that we can put on?


Honey Lamb and I said...

LOL! Fluorescent shoe strings are popular again so do that! lol! I love those stickers! They are really cute. ~Shelley O.

Maryl said...

Sounds like my husband...about 20 yrs ago he bought the 50th anniv. ed. of the Daisy Gun BB Rifle. He found it at the beginning of the Portland Antique Show & we carried that thing around the whole time. He would not let it out of his sight!