Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm A Guest Curator This Week

I'm so excited to be a guest curator over at CRESCENDOh this week! Check it out here. Pop over there, my bunny cake story will make you laugh.


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lisa,

Your story did make me laugh, but only because you sound an aweful lot like me. I had a similar experience only I got a bag of groceries and coupons. I've also not had much of a problem with confidence. I can usually look at something and automatically say "I can do that better," or "I can definitely do that." I, too had a father that made models, jewelry, did photography, embroidered, made beautiful furniture or woodwork, and pretty much anything else he did. It wasn't so much model glue, as the combination of that and "dope" which was used to cover the paper fusilage of larger, flying model planes. My other inspiration was my mother who happend to be an award winning watercolorist and sketcher. I've been very blessed to have inspiration all around me growing up, and it sounds like you did, too. We should meet sometime ;o)


connie said...

Congrats - I loved your stories! Do you still have the bunny picture?

Liz Hicks said...

Hey there my friend... Just say your fun story on Crescendoh... miss talking to you! Are you on FB? Find me if you are :)

Carole said...

Yeah Lisa! Great to see you on Cresendoh. Loved your story. Miss you!

Cindi said...

Great story. BTW did you all have fun on your camping trip?

Lisa T said...

Hi Lisa,

I am so thrilled that I decided to pop over here to see what you do. You are a busy girl, and your guest position came right in time for your birthday. So glad for you. Please get in touch with me through the Silver Bella site or email me at lt2b2004@yahoo.com. Can't wait to see what you create!
Lisa T