Friday, January 28, 2011

I Feel SO Much Better Now

OK, I'm pretty organized. I've always been organized. There's just one glitch. If I become even the slightest bit disorganized somewhere in the house it totally derails me in that area. At some point in time my closet became something I could not peek in without heart palpitations and cold sweats. This afternoon I was looking for something and my inner neat freak said now's the time to face this! Two hours, a mountain of clothes, bags and shoes later and I'd reclaimed my closet. Let's go over what I found that I thought I had lost:

1. My favorite sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket in the front. Probably the oldest piece of clothing that I have and I love it. {Note: This sweatshirt will never see the light of day, I only feel comfortable wearing it within the confines of my home}.

2. Birth certificates for all 5 of us. Apparently I stashed them in a basket on a high shelf thinking I would remember where I put them. Unfortunately, thinking we'd lost them on our last cruise and needing my daughters for Kindergarten registration, my husband got copies two weeks ago for all of us. It cost us $130.00.

3. The fire safe that I bought to put the birth certificates in. We all know how that went.

4. My girl scout sash and handbook circa 1980. And since I'm on the subject I have to say, I sure rocked the scouting and I've got the badges to prove it sista.

5. My favorite black flip flop. Yes, singular. I threw the other one out during the last cleaning.

So there you have it. Cleaning can save you money, bring back memories and give you some peace!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Want to come organize my closet? LOL! Enjoy the weekend. :)

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Lisa,

Good for you, I know how it feels to be disorganized.......that's my life lately. Saw all your goodies in the latest Somerset magazine.....very pretty.


Anonymous said...

lol reading this reminds me of time someone wanted me to get my desk oranized. I am notorious for having post it notes on the monitor of my desk. Some one towered over me and wanted me to rid my self of this. Said that anyone should be able to walk to my desk and find what they need.
Lisa Super you are so organized its scary. Sometimes you need a lil clutter. If you seen my closet you would sign me up for that show Hoarders!

xoxo Birens Boo