Sunday, January 16, 2011


I know, I just posted about a pair of boots that I was able to find and that was exciting but not nearly as exciting as running across these beauts. I missed out on these last season and they were nowhere to be found. From time to time I've looked on eBay but I never saw any listed until last week. Something told me to check and a girl who never wore these decided to list them to get them out of her closet {and into mine!}. I literally bought them 2 minutes after she listed them. When they came at the end of last week I thought my husband would say they were "just like the other pair". To my surprise he offered up that he liked them both and if he were me it would be to hard to decide between them so he told me to keep them both. And that dear friends, is why I decided to keep HIM :)


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Lisa,

Those are sweet, I'd love to see what you pair them with. Come on, give us a modeling preview!!! I've got something pictured in my mind of what you'd where those with, and I wanna see if you have the same....something like "like minds." I think it's interesting to see how creative minds are sometimes in sync.


Cindi said...


Beatnheart said...

I gotta have those too. Could you tell me please the maker...I lov em.

Anonymous said...

Cute boots Lisa and great hubby! Yes, Lambs Ear does grow well in Northern California. I believe it is a succulent so loves hot sun but needs well draining soil not Fremont clay. Valerie