Sunday, November 6, 2011

Give-a-way Winner & Today's Flea Market Finds

Before my flea market review I'd like to congratulate the winner of the Martha Stewart Craft Station, a one Miss Susan Lacis!!  Thank you to everyone who left a comment and stopped by to put their name in the drawing. 

It wasn't looking good for today's flea market right up until I went to bed last night but I remained hopeful.  Not only did it turn out to be beautiful and sunshiney, I also got to go with my sister and her sister and mother in law and niece.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular today with the exception of small metal tins {more on that later}.  I found the trophy above to hold my paint brushes.  I think I will pass on the scary baby head that holds them now.  My kids will completely appreciate that decision since it freaks them out.

Now all the time I've been flea marketing I have never seen one of these egg holders.  I thought it was just darling however it was WAY overpriced.  I ended up buying it anyway.  I won't tell you how much or you'll consider me super frivolous. 

You'll be seeing this again used for the purpose I bought it for.  Think shot glasses dropped into those holes with various buttons, small bits, etc....

This brings us to miscellaneous.  It's completely my intention at this moment in time to send out those vintage Christmas cards.  The tins I mentioned earlier are for the January class at my studio.  In 2012 I'm going to be centering 1/2 my classes around decorative storage for organization.  The January class is called Precious Metals.  I'll post more on that in the upcoming months.

I really loved this compote.  And the few ornaments that I picked up today look so pretty sitting inside of it that I suppose I've begun decorating for the holidays as of today.

So if you think I was kidding about all the posts have some faith.  Girls I've got 4 posts in the hopper already!!!!!  GO ME!!!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

LOL, we've all made those frivlous buys :)

Were you ears burning yesterday? I went to the Paris Flea and saw Christine and your name was mentioned (in a GOOD way tee hee)


adornedunicorn said...

Love your finds...can I call first dibs on scary baby head paintbrush holder? I love it!

Maryl said...

Hi Lisa - I love the egg carrier - great idea on how you're going to use it, too! Fabulous finds!