Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art Is You - Evening Class {& My Where Abouts}

This September I'll be teaching two classes at Art Is You in Petaluma, a full day class and an evening class.  This canvas collage project is one of my favorite classes and will be taught in the evening.  Sign ups begin in just a couple weeks so check it out!

I've just returned from a cruise to Mexico with my parents.  I roomed with my folks and we had a blast!  At one point I was looking over at my Mom on her bed and my Dad on his overhead bunk and we were talking and cracking up about all kinds of things and I thought...everybody should have the experience of being an adult traveling with their parents.  It was fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are home safe and had such a wonderful time with your Mom & Dad....I am so glad I did get vacations with my Dad while he was here, it truly is a wonderful and different experience then our childhood camping trips~~~~
See you on Saturday~~

connie said...

so glad you will be there too!! I look forward to seeing you and I am very curious to see your full day class...
have a happy LOVE day!

Melony Bradley said...

Wished I lived closer to Petaluma Lisa. Would love to be in your class.