Monday, June 28, 2010

New Old Bits & Bobs

Have you discovered these new but made to look old bits and bobs, "Industrial Chic"? Oh Mama I'm lovin them! I have a real panache for old bits but I have nothing against a really good reproduction. I just fed the kids artichokes the size of their heads, about another half hour and I can send them packing to their room for quiet TV time. I plan to make a couple more ornaments for my July & August class. Oooh for those of you signed's gonna be a fun one!

Friday my whole family is taking off for a 4 day camping trip. I can't help but think that most of you picture me sitting in a rickety camp chair in the dirt when I say I'm going camping. Definitely not! We get the same site every time and it's so green and pretty. Shade if you want it, sun if you want it. The city, Petaluma, has great antique stores and lots of quaint shops. My Mom and I escape while my kids are at the pool with my Dad or Husband and run into town to shop. I ALWAYS score something great. Because we're leaving on Friday I'm going to stop at the Bella Notte bedding outlet in Novato which is on the way. I've never been. I'm hoping to update my sheets/duvet. Their bedding is just beautiful.

OK, these people are practically begging me to put them to bed now and not in 30 minutes. Ask and ye shall receive :)


Jeanne said...

Those old, but new bits and bobs are great! I've not sen them anywhere around here yet. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for them. Hope your kids didn't have nightmares about the artichokes "as big as their heads!"

connie said...

I've been collecting all the Industrial Chic too - I haven't done anything with them yet - but love looking at them in my box. Have fun antiquing and camping.

Cindi said...

I was reading your new update while my husband was in the room. I mentioned you were going camping this weekend and he said... See, we should go camping too. Oh no. He loves camping and tries to get me to go all the time. For now i have an excuse not to go but that will not last for long. haha.