Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello There

Let me start out by saying that the photo above means nothing in relation to my post. It's just that I feel like I can't post without a picture so I threw it in here for good measure. Not having any new photos to share has been preventing me from touching base so...problem solved!

I've been busy lately doing two things that I love that I haven't done regularly for years - reading and cooking. I have also been working on some projects but they're all in various stages of incompletion {if that's a word}. I'm expecting my contributor copy of Somerset Life any day now. I have an article and project in it that my BFF has seen already and she said they did a wonderful job of photographing it. I'm also excited to be in Artful Blogging in August. They're two of my favorites. If you haven't ever submitted a project to one of the publications you enjoy I encourage you to do it. It's a great experience, I just love it.

I posted the date for my October home studio workshop and I'd love to do some Halloween inspired projects but so far I don't have anything specific in mind. If you have a request or idea please feel free to email me.


connie said...

Congrats Lisa, I can't wait to see your work in these magazines. I'm always so excited when a new issue comes out. I'll have to go out and get it today.

cindi said...

Congratulations on being published. You totally deserve it. As for the Halloween inspired class... I am always looking for a large basket or dish, with a Halloween theme, to store the candy I am going to pass out. Maybe you can make a vintage inspired Halloween version. Or maybe the basket can even be sewn with burlap or something. Maybe your mom is able to sew one and we could purchase it from her just like the apron class. Just a thought. I'm sure anything you come up with will be great. I may send my mom to your class if I am unable to attend. hehe.