Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elevating The Calendar

You've probably heard me say that Somerset Life is my favorite publication. I love the idea of elevation the ordinary. I have been using a monthly calendar like the one above to keep my schedule in order for years. Last week I flipped to it to check a date and thought, now why haven't I tried to make this prettier?

I started by punching a bunch of tabs from patterned scrap paper as well as 2x2 inch squares to randomly cover some of the dates. In some of the squares I left "paperless" I stamped some images. I finished by tying a bookmark to the spiral to mark the month. While this might look like a lot of work and for a month that would soon pass by, never to be looked at again, it was quick, easy and I used all scraps. Much prettier!

Well I washed up some raspberries and made some whipped cream earlier and the kids all want some before bed. I better serve' em up before they attempt to serve themselves!


Maryl said...

I love your calendar...what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

YES, this is very different.Not ur average calendar I tell u that. Hard to believe you turned that plain ole day planner into that. Wow this looks really great. I need one with my signature colors
gold lame, diamonds and in every day of the week and differnt pic of me and gigi.lol


Biren's Boo

Anonymous said...

Great idea Lisa, I have this same calendar at work, hmmmmm, won't it be the envy, lol

Lisa Super said...

Cassie where have you been? I've missed hearing from you! Thank you again for my tree, I love it :)

connie said...

Great calendar - I use the monthly one too. Last year I did a homemade calendar - too much work...this year I cheated and bought one from etsy. But I worked with the designer and had her add some additional touches for me...but your version is so much better - LOVE IT.

ArtSnark said...

really cute idea!